5 Reasons Why Your LG Washing Machine Chime Not Working

lg washing machine chime not working

LG washing machine comes with a lot of features, and that’s the main reason why many people prefer them. Among the many features the LG washing machine has, one common feature that the majority of the washing machine has is the Chime. 

Chime is the sound/music that the washing machine releases to notify its users that the wash cycle is completed. However over time, in rare cases, the chime stops functioning. There can be any reason for the chime of the LG washing machine to stop working. But there are some common reasons for LG washing machine chime to stop working.

Here are 5 Common reasons why your LG washing machine chime not working:-

1. Volume Settings

Often the voice of a chime can not be heard in an LG washing machine due to any changes in the volume setting. Sometimes the volume may be too low that the chime sound is not audible. Very often at the time of the new washing machine, the chime volume is low by default.

You can adjust the chime volume with the control buttons on the washing machine or if you are unable to find the controls you can simply refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the location of the volume control button. 

2. Silent Mode

If you’ve accidentally activated this mode, the chime will not sound. Also in certain cases, the chime volume is muted by the manufacturer, which needs to be turned on by the controls. 

The reason for LG washing machine comes with a silent mode is that many people do not prefer the noise that comes out of the washing machine, as it may be irritating. If you want chiming you can just switch off the silent mode by the controls on the LG washing machine.

3. Faulty Speaker

This is the most common reason for your LG washing machine chime not working. Over time with heavy usage, the speaker on the washing machine may not work properly or there can be a technical fault in the speaker system. 

To ensure that the speaker is faulty you have to start your machine for a demo test making sure that your speaker is not mute and is at a high volume level. If this is the case you must contact the LG customer support for speaker replacement.

4. Software Glitches

Like any other electronic device washing machine can also face software glitches unabling the chime to work properly. In that case, you have to go through your LG washing machine user manual to manually update the software.

If it seems technical to you, then you must contact support and get your software issue resolved for smooth performance. To avoid any software glitches you must ensure timely maintenance of your machine.

5. Wiring and Connection Issues

Another reason for your machine’s chime not working fine can be a wiring or connectivity issue. If you face any other issue along with the chime problem this can be a possible reason. To check if your LG washing machine has a connection or wiring issue just unplug the machine and carefully inspect the wiring connections.

If you notice any loose or damaged wire, then you have to contact a professional technician for repairs. Having a loose or damaged wire in the washing machine may have multiple reasons. Firstly it may be because of a short circuit or it may be due to the wire bitten by mice. 


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