5 Reasons For Twin Tub Washing Machine Spinner Not Working

twin tub washing machine spinner not working

Spinner in a washing machine makes the drying easier of your clothes as it reduces the moisture so you don’t have to keep your clothes longer in the sun. A twin tub washing machine has both a washing tub and a spinning tub. Making it easier to wash and spin your clothes at the same time.

Over time or with overuse people using twin tub machines can face a problem with its spinner. If you have a twin tub washing machine and your twin tub washing machine spinner not working, then this guide is for you. 

We have listed five common reasons why your twin tub spinner not working. There are high chance that the reason you are facing this problem can be listed below. So you must read till the end.

Reasons for Twin Tub Washing Machine Spinner Not Working:

1. Overloading the Machine

Your twin tub spinner has a certain capacity for performing smoothly. Exceeding this capacity leads to overloading which results in spinner malfunction. For example: your spinner capacity is 7 kg but you put clothes that weigh 8 or 9 kg, which puts excessive strain on the motor, making it difficult for the spinner to perform effectively.

If you feel that overloading may not be the case of the spinner not working, you must do a trial with the empty tub, if your machine’s spinner still doesn’t work fine then there should be any other reason.

2. Damaged or Worn Belts

Another reason for the spinner not working can be damaged belts. The belts play an important role in the proper functioning of the spinner. With overuse, the belts in the spinner get worn out or damaged resulting in loss of spin.

You can inspect that by unplugging the washing machine and checking the belts if they are damaged or not. If you feel there is any issue with the belts then you have to contact a technician to get your belts replaced.

3. Motor Damage

Another main reason for the spinner not functioning can be damaged or a faulty motor. There can be any reason for the motor to become faulty but the main reasons are overuse or short circuit. Motor damage may also lead to the washer and chime not working.

The motor of a spinner is its brain without that it can not function. Usually, companies guarantee a long life of the motor, some also provide extended warranty. If motor damage is the case in your twin tub washing machine you have to contact customer support and issue a complaint of your faulty motor.

4. Clogged Drainage System

If there is any blockage in the drainage system, the water gets clogged and interrupts the spinner to function smoothly. When the spinning compartment has water remaining, it can’t spin effectively, causing the spinner to stop.

Drain your washing machine properly to avoid any clogging issue that’s stopping the spinner from functioning. Also, check if there is any object or cloth got struck in the draining system that is clogging the water. Regularly cleaning and maintaining of washing machine is important for its easy functioning.

5. Faulty Lid Switch

A lid switch serves as a safety device in the washing machine. In many washing machines safety precautions are taken care very seriously and for that, if the lid switch is faulty the the washing machine won’t spin as a safety precaution.

If this is the case in your twin tub washing machine then you have to replace or repair the lid switch. In some cases washer would work but the spinner wouldn’t as long as the lid switch is faulty. The lid switch is so important as a fine washing machine will stop suddenly if you open the lid switch.


It can be irritating if any household device malfunctions, especially an important household appliance like a washing machine. Although a washing machine is a long-lasting gadget but as usual electronics are electronics and they can have technical issues.

However, all the major reasons for a twin tub washing machine spinner not working are stated above, which will help you make a wise decision to proceed with the repair. If the motor, belt, or lid switch is faulty then we hope your washing machine is under warranty.

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